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“Now we’re two…” – Bruce Wayne

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Well it’s been ages since I posted here.  The last post here was made in March of 2010! Since then I’ve only had that single Neo25 MVS candy cab. I’d been wanting to build a new MAME cab for a while, but never got around to it.  Then a couple of weeks ago, someone posted an ad on Craigslist selling a Candy Cab. I’d never seen one like it before. Here’s a picture:


Apparently it’s made by a company called Samducksa in Korea. Though the cab has the name “Crowin Case” on it. That’s not a typo. CROWIN, lol.  Anyway, while most Candy cabs are made of plastic and metal, this one has a plastic front with the rest of the body being made from wood. It’s still decently light though.  The monitor needs a degaussing, but I dont have a degaussing coil yet. It’s got 3 ‘green’ corners because of this.  It came with the Alien Vs Predator CPS2 arcade board in it, but I’ve owned that one before, so I just sold it for $100 and bought two more boards for it. One of them is X-Men vs Street Fighter (also CPS2) and one of my arcade ‘grails’, Primal Rage. Primal Rage isn’t emulated properly in MAME, and none – I repeat – NONE of the ports are arcade perfect. Not even the release that is on some Arcade Classics compilation for the Gamecube. The reason for this is that the code was encrypted in such a way that it hasn’t been broken. The same thing happened with CPS2 emulation in the past, but it was eventually cracked and now we have emulation of CPS2 games. Part of what helped CPS2 encryptions to be cracked was the sheer popularity of the games. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Rage. It was it’s own beast (no pun intended) at the arcade, and while it was popular, it wasn’t nearly as popular as the Capcom or SNK games. According to Wikipedia, the programmers/designers of the game have zero interest in explaining the encryption to facilitate perfect emulation, so MAME users and all ports are shoddy, glitchy messes.

I wanted to play Rage how I played it in the arcades after school/work,  so I decided to track down a Primal Rage board. It was only $45 or so including shipping. Poor guy that sold it to me lost out though, the shipping cost about $25 so I pretty much got the game for $20. It plays exactly as it did in the arcades. I had to rig up a JAMMA adapter to play it properly in my cab. The game uses a different button configuration than most fighters.  If you’ve never played it, I’ll explain. Imagine Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3. The game used 5 buttons. 2 high, 2 low, and one block button. This game is similar, but without a block button. The other difference is that Primal Rage has no “start” button. No Player 1 or Player 2 button. In this game, the high quick button (i.e. the one on the top left) is also used as the start button. Because of this, I had to wire up a little adapter that I found on Youtube. You can view the video here.

As you can see on the picture of the cab, it only has 4 buttons. In truth, there are 6 slots for buttons on each side, but the two buttons per-player aren’t punched out. Im in the process of adding new buttons. I had to order some specifically for this cab, and they’re on their way from Korea at this time.  I’ll post some pictures when I’ve added the rest of the buttons.

Down to one cab.

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I decided to sell my NeoGeo restoration project for some cash to build a studio in my garage, so now I’m down to a single cab, my Neo25. And to think at one time I had 4 cabs in my house at the same time!  I could only ever fit two into the game room, what with all of my other stuff in there but hopefully soon I’ll be able to move my music stuff out and have a nice large room for more cabs. I’ll need to get a new MAME cab, of course and maybe a dedicated Capcom cab.

Not much new.

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I ended up having to sell my MAMEcab on criagslist so we could pay some bills. So now the only cabs I have left are my Neo25 that I found a while back, and the original MVS ‘Big Red’ 2-Slot cab that I’m still restoring. I actually haven’t touched that cab since about this time last year.  I’m hoping to make some progress on it though.  I need some tools to work on it like a saw and a router, and then the final materials I’ll need might cost another $200 or so.

I’ve had a good Craigslist year.

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Found a 4 slot Neo25 MVS on Craigs for $250. Initially I was going to flip it and just sell it for double what I paid for it, but when I got it home I sorta fell in love with it so I’ve decided not to sell it. Once I fix up the Big Red MVS I’ll probably sell that one as it’s a 2 slot machine. The cool thing about this Neo25 is that it’s a Japanese style cab which is called a Candy. It’s in near perfect condition. The monitor is 100% perfect and there is very little damage anywhere on the cab.  AND it even came with 8 games!  3 of the games were duplicates so I’ve sold two of the duplicates and trying to sell the 3rd.  Here’s a picture:

Pretty nice little cab.

MAME Lives!

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So I beat Demolish Fist. I beat it soundly and it’s rather short so there wasn’t much reason for me to play it.  I took the Atomiswave board out and it’s now sitting in a box.  I figured out how to properly align and fit all of the MAME computer components into the shelf that the AW was sitting on and I now have a fully functional MAME cabinet.  It looks exactly the same as before so there’s no reason to take a picture of the cab. Though I do wish I had a good video camera to take some video of the cab in action.  I set it up with Maximus Arcade, which is a Front End that will support just about any emulator out there.  So far I’ve got MAME, a NES emulator, SuperNES and a Turbo Grafx-16/PC Engine emulator.  The SNES and TG16 act a little funky but they work OK.  So now it’s just a matter of getting all the favorites set up and so on.

Ch-ch-changes… (god I hate Bowie)

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So many things have changed so far.  I’ve decided to move away from the Megalo as my MAME cabinet. The reason for this is the cab itself was too large to fit through any of my doors in the house, so I’d have had to play my games in the garage, which gets really hot during the summer, so eff that.  So I got rid of the Megalo all together. I sold it to a guy in Atlanta for a little cash, and with that cash I was able to attend an Arcade Auction and come home with two more cabs.  I got myself an Atomiswave cabinet and a Tekken Tag Tournament cabinet.  Both work great and the Atomiswave is SUPER clean and in great condition.  The Atomiswave is very similar to the Neo-Geo MVS cabinets in that it supports the swapping of game carts rather than the entire PCB.  The Atomiswave came with a game called Demolish Fist, which is very similar to Final Fight and games of that type. The Tekken cabinet needed a couple of new buttons and a couple of new microswitches but nothing really major. It’s got a pretty good monitor but it seems it might be a little large to fit into my house again! JEEZ what is it with me and gigantic arcade machines.  So I’ve slapped that one on Craigslist to see iffin I can sell it.  Here is a pic of the Atomiswave machine.

And here’s a picture of the Tekken Tag machine.

I’d say it wasn’t a bad haul from Dallas.  As for my MVS restoration, it’s sort of at a standstill. I’ve gotten the Control Panel finished, the overlay has been applied and I had all new buttons for it but the Joysticks I ordered were not going to look right so I sold them. Then I snagged a couple of buttons from the Neo CP to put into the Tekken cab to get it 100% working.  And unfortunately the control panel was scratched because I dropped it. I plan on fixing that but since I have no extra money to completely fix the MVS, it’s sort of on hold.

The MVS control panel is now painted

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Alright! The paint has been applied.  I’m sure a better job could have been done but since this is just a personal restore it’s not that big of a deal. If I ever decide to actually make some money on this cab I’ll just strip the cp and do it again.  you can see a bit of texture on the paint, and honestly I don’t know why that is.  It’s got 2 coats of primer, sanded after each coat and cleaned nicely with a soft brush and some windex after I let the primer dry completely.

Then, it’s got six coats of Krylon Rust Tough gloss black enamel.  I sprayed each coat lightly, and let it sit for about 3 or 4 minutes between coats, then let it dry overnight. It’s still curing so I’m not going to attempt to apply the CPO yet. Probably won’t do that until at least Wednesday evening at the soonest.  Here’s a pic. Click to enlarge.

MVS control panel work

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Been forever since I worked on my MVS but I finally had a few extra dollars for some tools and paint so I went to work on the control panel.  Here’s the original, sorry for the blur:

Stripped and ground with a drill/brush attachment:

First coat of primer. Still drying so I haven’t sanded it.

I’ll wait until tomorrow to sand it, then apply the 2nd coat, and then apply the black paint, control panel overlay, and buttons/joys.

New buttons on the Megalo.

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I finally got the correct buttons and sticks I needed for the Megalo and installed them. It looks great now, check it out.

Now I just need to mount the PC inside of it and turn it into a MAMEcab.

MAMEpc, Buttons and sticks.

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I got my order from Lizard Lick Amusements today. I had ordered a total of 23 buttons, 12 Sanwas for my Megalo and 11 Happs for my MVS, 2 Sanwa sticks and two Happ competition sticks.   I guess I need to learn to pay closer attention when ordering parts because I ordered the wrong buttons and sticks for my Megalo. The buttons are the smaller variation and the sticks are the ones with switches, when the ones I need are the larger standard sized buttons and sticks w/out the switches.  Oh well, Chad from Lizard Lick has been a real cool guy to deal with and is allowing me to return them and get credit for them. Then I’ll just order the new ones.   It will be a difference of about $15 so it shouldn’t be a huge deal.

I also built my MAMEpc for the Megalo this week. I had a few problems with Discount Electronics, but I eventually got the stuff sorted out and the PC is now booting. But I’m sort of at a standstill on the Megalo/MAME cab because I can’t replace the buttons and sticks yet, so I can’t connect my ArcadeVGA card to the arcade monitor yet. AND, I still need to do some minor adjustments to the monitor in the cab before I hook all that up, so it will take a little more time.